Open data system key to economic growth —Analysts October 08, 2019
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Data analysts say an open data system is essential to the growth and development of the nation’s economy.

These analysts spoke during a training session organised by the Academy of Real and Meta Analytics in Lagos on Monday.

The Programme Coordinator, ARMA, Rajesh Jakhotia, noted that business executives were finding a well-built product recommendation system difficult, which was birthing manual data entry instead of the automatic process.

Jakhotia said, “We are bringing this rare opportunity to Nigeria for those business executives who find it hard to build a product recommendation system that motivates their customers to purchase products like Amazon, or those who find it difficult to detect spam, identify and filter abuse.”

He stated that the academy was established due to the increasing demand for an understanding and maximisation of data interpretation and manipulation towards the implementation of effective business strategies.

Jakhotia added that the training was organised to bridge the gap between the right knowledge of analytics and the right people.

A data analyst, Edirin James, explained that for an economy to experience rapid transformation, the Federal Government had to set up a platform where data technology and analyses would be brought to the forefront for its daily use.