‘Digital economy will lift enterprises, others’ January 31, 2020
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THE Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer,  Wowbii Interactive, Mrs Terae Onyeje, on Thursday in Lagos, said this year will witness continued technology disruption in the enterprise space, and more education technology or EdTech .

Onyeje, who spoke during the Wowbii Interactive CEO EdTech Outlook for 2020, said the landscape is bringing radical transformation to the traditional models of learning.

“In Nigeria, we are seeing a more aggressive push towards the emergence of a digital economy, which will lift the impetus for educational institutions, enterprises, policy formulators and decision makers to explore technologies that will transform learning,” Onyeje said.

Nigeria, she said, has taken the major initiative to rename the Federal Ministry of Communications to Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, to underscore the strategic vision towards a knowledge-based economy.

“These initiatives will directly impact the EdTech sector and will see policy makers and the whole ecosystem of gatekeepers to knowledge radically refocusing a range of technologies to support learning and teaching.”

Wowbii Interactive is Africa’s first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of interactive flat panels (IFPD). Wowbii delivers application bundles on their IFPDs in the enterprise and education to achieve end-to-end 21 st century communications solutions.