Expert wants professionalism in forex trading

Mr Roberto d’Ambrosio, an expert in foreign exchange (FOREX) trading, has  advocated entrenchment of professionalism in forex trading and investment in Nigeria.

d’Ambrosio, the  Chief Executive Officer, Alpari Research and Analysis, London, who spoke at a news conference on Wednesday in Abuja, said there was need for everybody to understand how to engage in forex trading.

He said that Alpari had decided to offer free training through seminars with the theme, “Mastering the Art of Forex Trading and Investment.’’

“The training is about professionalism in forex trading; it is about sharing views and experiences on approaches to trading.

“We are not here to propose any kind of get rich quick scheme or effortless investment techniques, but we are here to share our ways of doing trading, which can lead you to be successful.

“Alpari is out to bring to the people, the real deal about forex investment, because people who don’t know what forex is all about should be able to learn fast.

“We want to give people the tool to invest in forex and we also want people to be aware about the risk involved, understand how to assess risk and be able to weigh their tolerance for risk.

“This is our way of giving back to the market in Nigeria.’’

d’Ambrosio said that there was impressive turnout when the seminar  held in Lagos on Nov. 24, with positive feedback, adding that it will hold on Friday in Abuja.

Mr Tomasz Wisniewski, an analyst, with Alpari, who also spoke, said that investors should not always expect to be right about their investment decisions at all times.

He said that forex  trading was simple but not easy.

Wisniewski said the training is about enhancing the technical capability of an investor, to be able to adopt strategies on forex trading and how it worked in real investment.

“People tend to think that you have to be right every time of this market, but traders can make wrong decisions in real transaction and still make it,’’ he said.

Earlier, Mr Matthew Anthony, Head of Forex Education, Alpari, Nigeria, said that there was need to demystify forex trading in Nigeria.

He called on Nigerians to take advantage of the free seminar to equip themselves with the tool that could help them benefit from investment opportunities in forex trading.