The Race to a Digital Currency

Country Digital Currency Status
Bahamas Launched a digital currency, called the “Sand Dollar,” in 2020
Brazil Expects “digital Real” to enter circulation in 2022
Canada Developing the infrastructure needed for a digital currency but no current plans to launch one
China Piloting a digital yuan in major cities with the goal of wider distribution in 2022
Eurozone* Researching potential “digital euro” with goal of deciding on whether to move forward as soon as April
Japan Plans experiments with a digital currency this spring
Russia Plans pilot of a digital currency this year
Sweden Recently extended a pilot of its “e-krona” into 2022
UK Has expressed ambition to develop a digital currency but still in research phase
U.S. Performing research and experimentation with possible technologies but no decision on issuance or timeline
Venezuela In 2018 launched the digital “Petro” backed by oil reserves but it had design flaws and is considered a failure

Adopted from Bloomberg