Farmsponsor leverages fintech to empower local farmers

Globestrot Farmsponsor Nigeria Limited, a leading agricultural technology company that operates across the value chain of the poultry farming business in Nigeria is leveraging fintech to empower small holders’ poultry farmers.

The co-founders of Farmsponsor are Bill Kenneths and Chike Akpa Globetrot Farmsponsor created a fintech platform where individuals can empower local farmers to produce more food by sponsoring their farm projects.
From the breeders farm to the Hatchery, chicken processing plant and retail outlets, Farmsponsor is a major player in the southern region of the country.

Froshen Premium Chicken, the company’s branded frozen chicken product can be bought from her Frosh Supermarket outlets in the city of Port Harcourt.
Farmsponsor also offers veterinary consultancy services and produces poultry feed for the Farmsponsor Out-Grower Scheme for poultry farmers.
To participate in her crowdfunding investment offerings, download the Vestpay mobile app from Apple or Google stores. You can also refer your friends and earn 500 Naira per referral.

Farmsponsor’s value proposition includes but is not limited to ensuring food security in Africa, combating climate change through afforestation, creating wealth and employment for stakeholders, agricultural technology advancement and reduction of agricultural waste.
That is why Farmsponsor Agro Estate Plan was developed through which individuals can plant 143,000 oil palm trees and receive returns on the products of the plantation for the next 18 years.

The company has been in operation since 2018 and is open to receive more investors for expanding her operations nation wide
This investment plan guarantees a return of 250percent in the first 5 years and between 14percent – 36percent in the subsequent 13 years. A micro investment of 100,000 Naira gives you a unit of investment in this plan.

Farmsponsor investment plans targets these four pillars; availability, safety, accessibility and affordability. By making diverse investments along this value chain, food security in Africa can be achieved.


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