Despite low income, Nigeria’s population will drive Burger King’s volumes – Zammarieh

In a recent interview, ANTOINE ZAMMARIEH, the managing director of Allied and Confectionaries Services Limited, with over 38 years in Nigeria’s food and hospitality industry. The one-time managing director of Eko hotels (for 10 years), explained the fundamentals on the reasons that would be attributed to Burger King’s success in Nigeria.

He attributed one success factor of QSRs (Quick service Restaurants) in Nigeria to increased participation of married women in the workforce. Another success being the available large market in Nigeria, being the highest in Africa characterized by a high proportion of youths.

He explained the plans of the restaurant to include the equivalent of a dollar meal ( a thousand naira meal) where any Nigerian can walk in to get a nice small meal.

The restaurant’s expansion plan includes the plan to be everywhere in Nigeria starting from Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.