Bitcoin pushes back after market dip, crosses $40,000 mark

The cryptocurrency market nears previous trading levels before the market dip as Bitcoin and other altcoins rally significantly. Bitcoin is currently trading at $41,500, after trading for as low as $30,000 in the market bloodbath of May 19th, 2021. This represents a 38% gain within 24 hours. The flagship crypto is still down by 18% from the last 7 days, however.

Altcoins have also seen significant recoveries as Ether is currently up 33.51% from yesterday’s bottom of $2,170 to currently trade at $2,900, at the time of writing this report.

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization declined to as low as $1.47 trillion yesterday during the market crash, but today, it is currently up 26.53% to $1.86 trillion. The market is close to the trading levels it fell from before the market dip which was within the $1.90 – $2 trillion range