Statistics For Average Kerosene Prices In Nigeria

Over the years the level of inflation has increased, this has resulted in the price spike of household kerosene prices, different states has experienced movement in the price of kerosene per gallon.

However, some states has also experienced some of the lowest rates in a long time. According to the national bureau of statistics in April 2021 Kastina state experienced the highest household kerosene price 1572 Naira per gallon, Kebbi state was not far behind with 1570 Naira.

In contrast Bayelsa state has the lowest rate of 917.5. Naira per gallon and Delta state had 1008.50 naira  with Delta state providing minimal value since October 2020 . Lagos State has been fairly stable from Febuary to April  maintaining an average of 1200 naira

Click the link below to view  download the latest household kerosene prices in Nigeria.