Bitcoin Price Drops by 5% to $46,550 in Second Day of Decline

The price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has fallen for the second day in a row.
The price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has fallen 5 percent on Thursday, to below $46,600.

Current Bitcoin Price: $46,762
Day High: $49,335
Day Low: $46,645
Year Low: $9,916
Year High: $64,863
65 Day Moving Avg: $40,596
10 Day Moving Avg: $47,725#Bitcoin #RealMoney #BTC #Cypto

— BitcoinTracker (@BitcoinTracker2) August 26, 2021
​At the start of August, the price of Bitcoin was on the rise, hitting the highest level since mid-May at over $44,000 on 8 August.
Bitcoin, a highly popular virtual web-based currency, has been on everyone’s lips for a decade now since its introduction back in 2009. At its peak, its market capitalization exceeded $1 trillion, matching tech giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft.