Key U.S. Crop Export Elevator Damaged in Hurricane

A grain elevator damaged by Hurricane Ida in Reserve, Louisiana is responsible for nearly 9% of America’s bulk seaborne exports of corn, soybeans and wheat so far in 2021, according to Bloomberg’s analysis of U.S. Department of Agriculture data.

USDA shipments show a total of 6.45 million tons of agricultural product loaded at the Cargill terminal, with 5.3 million tons of corn topping the list. The primary recipient of crops through the elevator this year has been China, receiving 47% of its output including 2.5 million tons of corn and 485,000 tons of soybeans.

The last two vessels visiting the elevator have remained same place, with one possibly aground, Bloomberg’s vessel data showed.

The UBC Tampico, a general cargo ship, left the grain terminal on Aug. 27 and went into anchorage before reporting its status as aground near LaPlace, Louisiana on Aug. 30, according to AIS info. The Golden L, a larger bulk carrier, also left on Aug. 27, but appeared to secure a spot where it was able to remain anchored.

At least three other bulk carriers on the lower Mississippi, the Atlantic Maya, Derby, and Nord Pollux were showing their last status as aground as well. The Derby’s current position is on the opposite bank of the river across from UBC Tampico. NOAA data showed the storm’s path directly over the Cargill and neighboring ADM elevators just slightly upriver from the two vessels in LaPlace.