Kano And Lagos Records Highest Air Cargo Traffic While Abuja Record Highest Domestic Passenger Flight

According the data released from the national bureau of statistics cargo movement in the air transportation sector recorded major traffic in certain states in Nigeria such as Lagos, kano and Port Harcourt.

Lagos recorded 33,570,519.90 for import movement and export of 7,452,628 for Q3 2020 and 26,673,477.89 for import while  8,437,186.00 for export in terms of cargo traffic. Lagos state recorded an increase in cargo movement compared to Q3 2020 . Kano also experienced a large amount of air cargo traffic specifically the import cargo movement increased by 318,981,17kg, Although export traffic dropped but kano still recorded a high level of cargo activities. Port Harcourt also reported a high but declining level of cargo traffic of about 20% fall while export cargo movement reported a 115% increase.

Abuja registered the highest domestic air traffic for both arrival and departure figures. Data suggests that abuja  domestic passanger level grows by 7.8% for arrival while departure grew by 10.3%

Arrival in Lagos experienced a 7% increase in passengers moving from 404,939 in Q1 to 433,881 in Q2 while departure figures in regards to arrival grew by 18.75%

In Foreign passengers flight for Q2 2021 Lagos state has the highest rate of arrival and departure. Data shows departure in figures 173,121 while arrivals was 162,720. Abuja recorded the second largest passenger traffic with data showing a 55,812 figure for departure and 54,454 for arrival in passengers.