UK-Dion Group To Help Nigeria Create Employment

UK-Dion Group is here to help Nigeria grow its economy, build better businesses and help consumers at the same time., its Group Managing Director, Michael Diongoli, has said.

He spoke during the inauguration of its new head office in Lagos.

He said the company is ready to empower Nigerians through activities that will  boost growth and prosperity.

UK-Dion Group started operations in 2017, investing in real estate, logistics, manufacturing, entertainment, banking, and finance businesses, through which its subsidiaries have generated employment for over 400 people.

”We have over 400 direct employees that work for us and this is not the goal. We are not stopping and we would continue to create jobs for thousands of Nigerians

“The reason we started in the first place is to create employment for the Nigerian youth and that is the reason I gave back to Nigeria,” Diongoli said.

He said the goal of the organisation is to keep adding value and continue to invest in the country to create opportunities to stem brain drain.

He added that it took the group four years to achieve what it is which would take other businesses 20 years to attain.

According to him, the business which started its operation as a single business now has seven subsidiaries and it’s planning to launch its commercial bank next year.

”We started as a single group which is the investment arm but today we have grown into having subsidiaries. We just continue to grow the economy and do what we have been doing so far,” he said. , he said.

”We have UK-Dion investment, a microfinance bank, real estate, bureau de change, logistics, entertainment, and factories,” he further said.

Speaking on the pandemic impact, he said UK-Dion was not negatively impacted by the virus outbreak.

He noted that while other businesses were sacking employees, UK-Dion was expanding and creating more jobs.

“During the pandemic when other businesses were sacking employees, our business was expanding because we have been taking an approach as if those tsunamis will come,” he explained.

Speaking also, the Managing Director, UK-Dion Investment, Nnenna Amazu, said it didn’t take the business to get to the point it is currently, noting that it branches in eight cities across the country within four years of operations.

”We are launching our iconic presence here which is our head office today. It did not take us too long to get to this point and we know that in a short space of time we would take over the asset management industry, the finance industry, and all other sectors we have subsidiaries.

”Our priority is the safety of the funds of our investors. Every promise we make on our return on investments we ensure we keep it to them later.

”Today, we have lots of products that span through the individual cadre in life. Our rates are super competitive and making our investors come back to us,” she said.

Similarly, the Managing Director, House of Dion – the entertainment subsidiary of the business, Seyi Babatope said that UK-Dion said: “We are an ideal factory business and we offer hardware and technical solutions to the ecosystem. It is an exciting time to be part of the UK-Dion group,” he said.

News Source: Theonlinenews.ng