Bitcoin Flutters Around Record High, Trades At $63,998



Bitcoin which is the world most traded currency was quoted last at $63,998, This is $897.22 below its record value of $64,895.22 in April 2021.

The captured price of $63,998 may have been instigated by trading from a new US bitcoin futures fund, which as predominantly boosted investment into the bitcoin market.

Financial analysts stated that bijou investors and systematic trading firms have been the most active traders due to larger institutions deciding to hold on trade.

ProShares, a premiere provider of ETFs, yesterday closed at $41.94, with around $1 billion worth of shares trading hands on Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) Inc’s ICE.N Arca exchange.

 As the demand for cryptocurrency continues to rise Crypto ETFs are being instituted across European countries.


On the other hand the second most traded cryptocurrency Ether fell to 0.39%