African Development Bank Supports Nigeria Against Gas Project Defund.

As the United Nations and global economies proceed towards net-zero emissions by 2050. The African Development Bank, AfdDB has defended the Nigerian government’s plan to cease the defunding of gas projects.

There have been several controversies surrounding the net-zero emission project in Africa, Nigeria on the other hand has been a leading edge against the defunding of the gas project as an action to achieve net-zero emission.

Mr. Kevin Kariuki, the vice president of power, energy, and green growth stated that the AfdDB is fully supporting a fair energy transitional process.

AfDB Vice President said, ” First thing I would like to mention is that you have inspired us a lot in the recent past, through your strong and very well-articulated position on the issue of gas as far as Nigeria and Africa is concerned.

“You clearly stated that gas must be seen to be a transitional fuel for Africa, which is a position that our bank also supports because we do understand that Africa needs to increase its energy access, and you can’t increase energy access without utilizing some resources and energy sources that we have.”